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Announcing Sage ACT! 2012 Early Bird Sales #SageACT

by on ‎08-01-2011 02:43 PM (5,541 Views)

Hello Everyone,


I'm pleased to announce Sage ACT! 2012 Early Bird sales started today. For those of you not familiar, Early Bird is an offer we make approximately 30 days before availability of a new Sage ACT! release. This enables new and existing customers to pre-order the newest version of Sage ACT! at a substantial discount. There are many exciting capabilities in Sage ACT! 2012, to name just a few: 


Scratchpad:  We conducted research and observed users jotting notes on paper that were a combination of work and personal reminders.  Scratchpad delivers a simple way to record these digitally, and provides the ability to create notes, histories, activities and reminders for those you want to record in Sage ACT!.  Hello productivity and goodbye cluttered desk!


Google Gmail Contact/Calendar Synchronization: More and more users are benefitting from the freedom and flexibility provided by Google.  This new and seamless integration allows you to synchronize your Sage ACT! contacts and calendar with the same in Google, as well as record emails sent or received via your Google account as histories in Sage ACT!.    


Universal Search:  Ever had that moment when you need to retrieve a particular piece of information but you have no idea who, when or what document, or email it's in?  With the new Universal Search, just type in a word in the “search” box and Sage ACT! will automatically search your entire database, including attachments!  No more needle in a haystack, if it’s in Sage ACT!, you’ll find it in seconds.


Sage ACT! Connect*:  Sage ACT! customers are on the go.  This new cloud-based service delivers your Sage ACT! contacts and calendar to nearly any device via a browser.  Use your iPad tablet or other device to review/edit critical contact, history and calendar and details.  For some devices like Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile smart-phones, we’ll also synchronize directly to the local calendar and contact application on the device. 


We also made a number of productivity enhancing changes throughout Sage ACT! to help you be even more productive.  One example is the new Connections Page where users easily configure and enter the growing set of connected services and access integration with Outlook and/or Google.  Others would be streamlined installation and enhanced reporting. 


Here is a helpful list to get you started:


I’m really excited to introduce the newest chapter in one of the most successful software products in history. Our beta feedback has been very positive and Sage ACT! Specialists and Certified Consultants are always ready to help.


This Early Bird offer is for customers in North America. If you live outside of North America, Sage ACT! 2012 information will be available soon from your regional Sage Operating Company. 


* Requires additional subscription or purchase of Business Care Gold Plan.


Enjoy, Larry