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Accountability- a Possible Way out of the “Recession Obsession”

by on ‎02-03-2009 11:04 AM (4,186 Views)

Look out….Recession Panic is all around us!! Every day we managers find ourselves rushing decisions or reacting to pressures because we are surrounded by the mindset of uncertainty, shock, and panic coming from our employees, the media, and even our clients. Is reacting this way really our best choice or is this just a temporary abandonment of proper problem solving?  Can we say for certain that all opportunity has disappeared? It has not.  Is it the best strategy to just pull back and hope the government or some shining knight new product turns around this situation for us?  The world is not paralyzed. Needs have not ceased to exist, they are just competing with several choices and reduced funding resources. So what do we do? Do you remember how we built our enterprise when everything and everyone seemed to be our adversary? How about we get back to basics and we all get back to personal Accountability.  Managers! Remain calm, steady yourselves, see the entire playing field in front of you, ask each member to be more accountable and "lead by example" by being more accountable and see the opportunities that are open to you. 


Facing the reality of how we became vulnerable is always a difficult thing to acknowledge. We can't blame the Government; they did not get us into the issues we are facing.  We got ourselves into this mess by walking blindly into the snare of, “As long as the numbers are coming in, I don't need to account for my responsibilities or my actions, and the same goes for my team.”  That's called No Accountability!!   And the consequence is finding ourselves unprepared to adapt, only react (and not very effectively) to what is happening.


As a young manager, I was told, “If you can pay for the mistake out of your own pocket, then do the thing that you are trying to undertake and live with the results.”  I have held to this belief my entire career.  Being accountable for our own actions is the hardest behavior to fulfill.  Think about the world and how different we would all live if we all were accountable to ourselves.  Stop blaming others for our shortcomings and learn a new skill add to the tool box.  Stop sweeping actionable tasks under the table or letting the next person deal with problems created on your watch.


Understand that as a manager, when the team is not operating up to the level that is expected, then the manager must acknowledge that they are part of the problem.  I fully believe that any team is only as good as the person at the top.  So if we hire incorrectly, let issues that are real lay dormant, or even overlook an issue that is real, just to avoid the pain of dealing with an uncomfortable decision, or worse, to avoid facing a poor decision on our part. Then the manager's accountability is in question.   The manager has to be willing to accomplish behaviors that others will simply not choose to undertake.  By leading by example a manager is being accountable and teaching their team to excel, creating geometric growth patterns for both business and personal accountability in any economy at any time. 


Now I know we hear it all the time, read a book, attend a class, learn a new skill, or even just go back to school.  The real advice is to put our plans out there where others can see them and track your actions to show you keep your word and are willing to learn from the truthful feedback that inevitably comes from such an open approach. As we have all learned so often, the tough choice, the uncomfortable choice, is inevitably the best choice. Accountability helps us face the fears that hold us in our comfort zones and allows us to achieve what we really deserve.  Stand up, be the leader one sees in the mind’s eye and have the courage to be Great, not just Good.  Leadership is earned by being a person who faces issues that others won’t and applies a strategy to those issues, standing in front of the team looking and acting on the entire field.


Reference/Content Contributions - Linc Miller – Managing Director, Sandler Sales



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on ‎03-06-2009 06:04 PM
Be the eye of the storm.  It's calmer there, the sky might even be clear, blue an sunny.  Trick is you have to keep moving and not stand still or the back end of the storm will finish you.