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Access Sage ACT! on Your iPad! #SageACT

by on ‎08-08-2011 08:05 AM - last edited on ‎08-12-2011 11:11 AM by (9,874 Views)

I am pleased to announce that Sage ACT! Connect, a new cloud-based service delivering critical Sage ACT! contact and calendar details to your smartphone, tablet, and laptop via a web browser, is now available in North America!


With Sage ACT! Connect, your contact details, notes, history, meetings, and activities are stored safely in the Cloud. So instead of running Sage ACT! Connect yourself, the service is conveniently managed by Sage in a Cloud-based data center. This makes it fast to get started, eliminates the need for additional equipment on your end, and enables you to get to the details you need from virtually anywhere.


Whether you’re traveling or working from your home office, Sage ACT! Connect enables you to quickly pull up that customer address you’re headed to from your iPad. Make changes to an existing phone number or email address from your BlackBerry, Windows Mobile or Android device. Check your meeting schedule for the day from your laptop via Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari.


Further, Sage ACT! Connect enables you to import contact and calendar details, plus pictures from popular internet services like Google, Yahoo, and Facebook.


If you work in a team, Sage ACT! Connect includes workgroup sync, which means a single PC or server can sync Sage ACT! data on behalf of your entire team. This ensures that you and members of your team have access to the very latest contact and calendar updates.


If you’re interested in subscribing to Sage ACT! Connect, click here.


Additionally, if you purchase a Sage Business Care Gold plan, Sage ACT! Connect is included.


If you’re interested in learning more:


- Speak with a Sage ACT! Specialist by calling 866-903-0006 or contact your local Sage ACT! Certified Consultant


- Attend a Live Webcast


- Sign-up for a 30-day Trial


- Download the Sage ACT! Connect Brief


- See if Your Device is Supported


Enjoy, Larry



by Silver Contributor
on ‎08-10-2011 05:51 AM

Thanks Larry, a move in the right direction.

on ‎01-12-2012 04:08 AM
I am very disappointed that ACT has not been ported to an iPad ap....I am not looking for yet another cloud service. I am really interested in an app that will auto sync through iTunes. Also I would like to suggest that Sage teams with LinkedIn and Plaxo services to help sync dead contacts, this is from someone in the 14,000 contacts level. Sage is leaving so much money on the table by not making an iPad app. My firm is moving to Microsoft CRM and I would like an easy export icon for this task. Thank you
on ‎01-12-2012 04:18 AM

Only Apple can have data sync through iTunes ... there is no Apple provided method (using iTunes or otherwise)to sync app data via iTunes, other than the ones Apple builds. Third party apps can only sync via the web


BTW: I'm sync'ing over 10,000 contacts onto an iPad with Handheld Contact :-)


Mike Lazarus
ACT! Evangelist
GL Computing, Australia

GL Computing Facebook Page -
LinkedIN ACT! Fanatics Group -

by Copper Super Contributor
on ‎02-26-2012 11:39 AM

Theres always if you want a real app that syncs data and avalialbe when your not connected..

on ‎02-29-2012 01:24 PM

Now that RIM's Playbook has e-mail and contact management built into it, I want to use it with ACT!. I have been doing so through Companionlink Express, but now that the software has been upgraded to 2.0, I don't see a way to use this anymore. At the same time, the Playbook has native links to Linked In and Facebook, but I don't use those services that way. I have 5,000 contacts and I use my Blackberry Torch synced, but really, how about creating an app folks?