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ACT! Stepping into Social Media?

by on ‎07-17-2009 06:38 AM - last edited on ‎03-18-2010 11:49 AM by (4,643 Views)

Social media is a growing phenomenon and may companies have jumped on board while others lag behind.  Some see value in incorporating social media into their business strategies and others have no use or purpose for it - it is a mixed bag of views.  I, for one, have grown to see there is effectiveness in social media for business.  It allows people to see the "real" authentic persona of a business.  The expansive world gets smaller, and your reach becomes greater.


So, it seems that getting your feet wet is easy, right?  We have discovered there are so many opportunities to do cool "outside-the-box" things with these social media sites and there are a multitude of ways to measure and track the effectiveness - now all that is needed is time and resources!  And we all know how easy that is to come by these days...yet the excitement and desire is still there.  I love the new era we are entering...creating an entirely new way to look at marketing and PR.  It is not about using "marketing speak" out there, but being conversational and personal.


And now, ACT! is adding to all the buzz.  Implementing everything we know and have learned, we are making our first big splash with social media!  You can now find ACT! on Twitter, Facebook, LInkedIn, Plaxo, YouTube, and MySpace.  Follow all of the hype around our newest and upcoming product release, ACT! 2010.  Good news - we have made it easy for you to find us!  Check out these URL's to get to ACT! directly:


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