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ACT! Corporate Sales Testimonials from North American ACT! Certified Consultants, July 2009

by on ‎07-15-2009 03:20 PM (3,756 Views)

Charlene Canty has always been a great asset on our projects.  She is great with our clients.  Something I notice regularly, with clients that Charlene has spoken with, is that they are always in a good light hearted mood when I’m working with them.  Almost every time I work with her on a project, when she hangs up the phone, the client makes a point to tell me how much of a joy she is to work with.  These positive attitudes from the start are extremely valuable to us in making a project successful.

Will Phipps
Kirkwood Technologies Inc.



We really enjoy and appreciate working with Joe Brennan. Joe is very proactive in communicating with us – checking on the status of pending sales and asking how he can help us to close business. Our partnership with Joe helps to make our sales efforts effective and productive. We appreciate the leads he passes to us, and the help on accounts in our pipeline.



President & ACT! Certified Consultant

Kristi Smith Consulting



Having been an ACC for more than ten years, I have worked with a number of Corporate Sales reps.  Daniel Lever is absolutely the best one!  He is always ready to work with me to close a software sale, being creative when necessary.  I know that some ACCs are hesitant to register leads with Sage;  that is never an issue with Daniel. In addition to giving us leads, he protects our relationship with our prospects and, as important, existing clients.   Daniel truly understands and demonstrates the relationship between Sage and it's ACC channel.    We are very fortunate to have him as our NY rep.


Elaine Wirth

Regional VP, Senior ACT! Consultant



I work with a fabulous Corporate Sales Rep, Greg Davis, who is incredibly supportive and always on top of his game.  Greg and I speak and/or email each other regularly with updates and strategy, and he is always available to help me with the tools I need to move my opportunities forward.  It’s wonderful to be able to trust that the person you’re working with at Sage has both your and your client’s interests at heart, and Greg exemplifies this.


Cindy Gavelek, M.Ed.

CRM Specialist

ACT! Certified Consultant

C-Scape, Inc.



Heidi Lahr- Absolutely phenomenal rep. She is always available and always more than willing to help me out. She even helps me with clients that are not in her territory if I can't reach the designated rep. She is always happy and positive.


Rachel Sanders - Another solid rep with excellent customer service skills. Stepped in neatly with Clorox after the departure of Scott Hathaway. She also bends over backwards to help with clients that are not in her territory. Always available via Instant Messenger or phone. If I leave a message, she calls back quickly. Very professional and positive when we deal with her.


Brett Toney

RTG (Remote Tech Group)

Managing Partner of Sales & Marketing



Adam Glaznerhas worked so closely with Database-LA over the past 18 months that I feel he is a part of our team.  He frequently gives us high recommendations to leads who inquire about our consulting/training services.   In times where all our agents are away from a workstation, Adam has placed orders on our behalf, to assure the deal closes quickly. 

We have found great benefit sharing our monthly sales pipeline because Adam frequently has new ides on sales strategies, and because he will steer all incoming calls from our registered leads direct to us. 


And by frequent communication with us, Adam assures that our marketing and pricing information to pipeline sales leads is in unison.


Daniel Graves

President, Database-LA



Victor C - I think when he first came to "my" territory, we had a rough start initially...but that is no longer the case.  He processes orders for me within minutes if I am at a client location and needs new licenses, he has spoken with several of my clients who were questioning whether to renew APC, and after speaking with them they did renew and had good things to say about their experience with talking with him. I have to say the thing I admire most about Victor is his integrity...if one of my clients calls direct to renew, or even vent, Victor calls to let me know...that means SO much to me! THANK YOU Victor!


Renee PJ Cronin

Capitol Computing



I would definitely recognize Bill McDonough for a win that we worked together.


Here is a synopsis:

  • Bill passed along an opportunity to Actability for 17 upgrades for a prospect who wanted a local relationship/support
  • The sales cycle was extremely long (6 months), but Bill followed up with me on a regular basis to see what he could do to help
  • Bill was creative in helping me revamp the quote from ACT! Premium 2008 to ACT! Premium 2009 with upgrade/support program changes
  • Bill's responsiveness and support was key to closing this deal


Karen Rankin




Jenny Peterson is awesome!  She has always gone "above and beyond" for me.  I can always count on her to lend assistance when assistance is needed.  Of all the reps I've worked with over the years, she is by far the very best!


Perri Aliano

ACT! Certified Consultant



I am a relatively new Act CC . I picked up the Act certification to compliment my Peachtree Accounting certification.  Chris Fierros has been instrumental in helping me with quotes and questions about the product .  My sales are increasing nicely.   I don’t think I would be closing the sales as well without him.


Marlene Spurgin

Business Support Specialists Inc



We have always found Jason Barton to be extremely helpful and efficient, with a pleasant and very positive attitude.  Jason works with us to help close sales, and to address any concerns or issues we may have along the way.  We consider Jason a part of our team, someone we trust to work with us to the benefit of both Effective Contact Management and Sage.


Sharon Gillie

ACT! Certified Consultant