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ACT! 2010 (#act2010) Motivates Discovery through Social Media

by on ‎07-22-2009 04:06 PM (12,407 Views)

Social media can be a constant source of interruptions, with pop-up notes informing you of a friend update, or endless email notifications.  I find that when I venture into Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn®, or any other social media site, I get distracted.  One piece of information leads to another, which sparks my curiosity and sends me off in yet another direction.  In fact, this week I was reading tweets and one person thanked someone else for a great video link.  I opened the profile to learn about the video author's background.  Next thing I know, I am admiring her YouTube background and researching a design layout item in YouTube.  I had totally forgotten why I was even in Twitter to begin with, but I did find new features for my YouTube background.  Please don't tell my boss!

This is exactly the situation you want to avoid with your staff, and is also one of the reasons I believe ACT! 2010 motivates employees to discover more about the customer without all of the interruptions.  By viewing social media right from the contact record, we minimize the social network distractions with a focused view.  And, by including various social media network views on the Contact's Web Link tab, sales staff can leverage information from several sources without the extra time it would take to research by directly accessing each social media network.  And, let's be honest, can you go into Facebook without actually reading your own wall?   What about visiting LinkedIn® without reviewing recommended connections and viewing just ONE discussion topic?  



ACT! 2010 provides a single location to view several social media sources that are focused on your customer with minimal interruption--sure to motivate sales staff to discover new ways of closing business.  

Let me know what you think?  I look forward to sharing more on my view of this new release as I play with the features.

on ‎07-23-2009 11:54 AM

question:  ACI  2010 is advertised to sync with Blackberry devices...Act 2009 does not!!...I purchased Companion Link...does NOT work on'09...

How will ACT 2010 sync with my Blackberry ?

Thank You...Uwe


on ‎07-23-2009 03:55 PM



I sent you a private message  to assist you in getting the right contacts to resolve your issue.  In talking with CompanionLink Software, they have a version compatible with ACT! 2009 and BlackBerry.  Please be sure to respond to my private message with your experience and let me know how I can help.



on ‎01-14-2010 07:27 PM


may be you can help!

Im using 2010.

I look at the web Info tab in Act and pull up Linked In. It pulls up say 5 people of that given contact's name. I scroll down and find and click on the relevant person, which then opens up the Linked In contact for that given contact in Act.

When I try and "attach web page" I get an error message saying the file name is too long.

When I move away to another contact and then revisit my given example, the Linked in Web info that I am presented is once again the initial 5 people who it originally pulled up , NOT the one I tried to save or drilled down into.

Am I doing this incorrectly or have i incorrect settings somewhere?

Pleas help as this feature is more annoying than helpful.


on ‎01-18-2010 08:32 AM

Hi Charlie,


I noticed this hasn't yet been responded to.  I would really recommend you re-post your question here in our main product board so it has more exposure to our 15,000 members who might have some advice for you.





Community Manager