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ACT! 2010, What’s Next, Chicago Town Hall…

by on ‎11-23-2009 01:52 PM - last edited on ‎07-28-2011 11:11 AM by (3,781 Views)

Time is flying and it’s hard to believe ACT! 2010 (English) has been in market now for 2 months!  The feedback and reception has been fantastic.  The media interviews, overall coverage and excitement exceeded my expectations in quantity and depth.   Our first in-product surveys (60 day) are now coming in and the Net Promoter score – On a scale of 1-10, how likely would you be to recommend ACT! 2010 to a colleague or friend? – show a very positive trend.  Of the many coverage highlights, PC Magazine,2817,2354172,00.asp rated ACT! 4 out of 5 and awarded ACT! “Editor’s Choice”.  If you haven’t already – be sure to join the ACT! connections on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Plaxo, YouTube etc. Simply click on the logos in the “Connect With ACT!” section at .  If you haven’t seen Napkin Mike, he’s the hot new ACT! spokesperson

So, what’s next to sustain the ACT! buzz?  We’re making ongoing improvements to overall ACT! Ease of Use by analyzing tasks users perform every day and reducing the number of keystrokes and time it takes.  We did a lot of this in ACT! 2010 and you can expect even more.  We’ll also be making further enhancements to major feature areas of ACT!, especially around integration with Outlook.  We’ll add more services, building on the very successful ACT! E-Marketing service launched with ACT! 2010.  These services provide handy extensions to ACT! that further your productivity. If you have ideas on what you would like to see in ACT!, please contribute to the discussion.

Last but not least, on November 4, 2009 I had the chance to meet up with a number of ACT! CC’s (Certified Consultants) in Chicago at a Town Hall meeting.  The passion and engagement was exactly what I have come to expect from ACT! CC’s.  Check out these short videos from a number of these Windy City (and area) ACT! gurus – these gents and ladies tell a great story!


Alan Lee, E Tech Systems. Inc.


Mark Mondo, The CRM Connection


Kristi Smith, Kristi Smith Consulting


Don Joseph, NORTHBROOK Consulting Group, Inc.