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5 Tips for Building Strong Relationships #Tips #ActCloud

by on ‎04-21-2014 03:33 PM (2,894 Views)

Forming strong relationships in every area of life is an essential component to success. We have all experienced different relationships with different types of people throughout our lives, and this can help serve as the foundation for creating strong relationships with future clients. However, it is never too late to remind ourselves of what truly makes a relationship last.


1. Remember your kindergarten lessons. The classic saying "treat others the way you want to be treated" seems like the simplest of tasks; yet it is often the one that is most forgotten. When engaging in business with a customer, it is important to put yourselves in their shoes and provide the same customer service and respect that you would expect.


action_meeting_1_sm.png2. Honesty is key. Stretching the truth about your products or services in any way can seriously hinder your reputation. If you are able to be honest and realistic about any services that your business isn't able to provide, your customers will appreciate the honesty more than you may realize and a foundation for a lasting relationship can develop.


3. Remember your customers as people, not numbers. The first conversation with a client is your chance to remember not only their name, but something about them as a person. It is likely that remembering a fact about them will help you remember how your business can suit their needs, this is where products like Act! can really help keep track of the “little details” that can have a big impact on building the relationship.


4. Keep it lighthearted. Nothing is more upsetting than asking for a product and having a small business operator be completely rude to you. Making fun of yourself will help the client feel more comfortable so that they can better open up to you about their needs.


5. Be cognizant of your body language. People can tell, consciously and subconsciously, how you feel about being around them. Keeping your arms and legs uncrossed, smiling and making eye contact are all great ways to ensure that a customer remembers interacting with you.


The first interaction with a customer is the most important: it sets the foundation for the relationship moving forward. To learn more about how Swiftpage's dedication to strong relationships can help your small business succeed, contact us today.