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5 Reasons To Integrate Mobile Into Your Business #SageACT

by on ‎04-30-2012 09:32 AM (882 Views)

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If you haven’t already, here are five reasons to make the jump to mobile or justify integrating it further into your business.


1. The perfect storm. Devices used to be proprietary, too varied in capabilities and cost-prohibitive to support a wide range of them. Today a competitive marketplace of vendors and wireless providers provides high performing and affordable mobility.


2. Fly, be free. Mobile devices untether entrepreneurs and business professionals from their desktop computers — actually, they extend them. The read/write capabilities most mobile apps have mean users can not only access important customer details like contact information, sales history and negotiable price points, but also make edits, create new entries and use many of the features they normally use at their desks.


3. Modernized makeover. Let’s admit it, professional appearance is part of successful selling. Fumbling to boot up a laptop or revealing an aged and weathered smartphone may not make the best impression on clients and prospects. Providing employees efficient access to critical information while meeting with prospective customers is reason enough to invest in mobile technology.


4. Convert time drain into time gain. Sales personnel can increase productivity by “stealing” time from traditional downtimes such as during a cab ride or waiting for others to arrive for a meeting. Mobile devices help users manage their workloads by breaking up tedious tasks into bite-sized pieces. An extra few minutes of effort in flight and a few more standing in the cab line, for example, can turn even the most loathed yet essential tasks into more productive and profitable outcomes.


5. Mobile is for closers. For salespeople, success is found at the intersection of opportunity and availability. Timing! Being able to access customer information anytime, anywhere gives businesses a competitive advantage. Adding the capability to accept credit cards on the spot leverages this advantage even further — employees can use a mobile payments app and snap a card reader onto their devices for secure, Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant processing.


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