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#1 Technique To Help You Stay Involved With Your Team!

by ‎04-16-2012 09:32 AM - edited ‎04-16-2012 10:15 AM (3,037 Views)

As I always say to my direct reports, a happy team is a performing team! Typically when performance drops, one of the main reasons is because there are issues going on that you may not be aware of. It’s so critical to be extremely involved with your team(s) to dissolve all underlying issues impacting morale. Below is my number one technique I use to stay involved:   


  • Setup and Conduct Individual 15 Minute “Rounding” Sessions 
  • Goal: Address issues and concerns that are impacting team morale   
  • Frequency: Bi-Weekly 
    • Consistency is important, so go ahead and set it up as a recurring meeting 
    • I recommend Bi-Weekly because within two weeks a new issue or concern may be plaguing the team and you can address it before it festers. 
  • Pre-Meeting: 
    • Explain the primary objective. They must understand their part and yours. 
      • My example (I include the below text in the body of the meeting request):  Having these quick individual 1:1 sessions will give me a good idea of the current challenges you are facing and how I can help. I want to ensure you are happy and feel you have my support to continue being successful!  
    • Send out an email with three questions you’d like them to answer. 
    • Here are some great questions I ask: 
      • In your opinion what can I do to make the environment we work in even better? 
      • What is getting in your way of doing the best job possible? 
      • Give me one specific thing I can do better as a manager.
      • What more can I do to help you be more successful? 
      • Is there anything I should be aware of on the team? 
      • How can I support you? 
    • Set the expectation up front that the meeting will only be 15 minutes so it’s imperative they come prepared to discuss the answers to the questions. 
  • Take Notes! 
    • Make sure you take note of each individual’s comments. 
    • Brainstorm together on solutions. 
  • Post Meeting: 
    • Follow-up with an email to each individual with the questions, their answers and any action items / notes 
    • Discuss completed action items at the next rounding session 
    • Follow through with your action items. This will build trust with your direct reports, which is critical. 


If you conduct these sessions consistently, I guarantee you will uncover concerns & issues that need to be addressed. It’s about being proactive, aware & understanding the team’s needs to help create a positive culture and environment!  



Happy selling!

Dione Rindahl