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Many people assume that ACT! does this already and are somewhat perplexed to find that it doesn't. We also need to be able to automatically create companies when importing contact data. Probably the best way to handle this would be to have some additional options in Preferences.


Option 1 - Do not automatically create Companies from Contacts.

Option 2 - Always create a new company if it doesn't exist when adding a new contact and automatically add to a company if it already exists.

Option 3 - Always create and link a new company if it doesn't exist when adding a new contact and automatically link to the company if it already exists.



Many clients ask me if they can:


a) Change the column headers in the Opportunities - Products and Services Tab, either to add or remove columns or just to make the headers more meaningful to their business.

b) Show the profit margin for both individual items and for the whole opportunity; many sales people have GP targets to meet.

c) Have the ability to create additional fields in the User Fields Tab


In addition, many people (including me) find that having to click between four tabs to create an opportunity is both time consuming and results in people forgetting to fill in information, so why don't we have new opportunities set out as a single, editable table that users can customise to suit their needs.



Changes to Opportunities in ACT!

Status: Available in ACT! 2010
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An ACT! Certified Consultant made the following observations related to opportunities in ACT!: 


I spend a lot of time in Opportunities in ACT! and I  need a way to track history and activities linked to an opportunity. 


I’d like to see Opportunities looking like Contacts, and Companies, so I can still link one Opportunity to multiple contacts or companies, and be able to track history for that Opportunity.


Do you use opportunities and have a suggestion for improvement?

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