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It would be appreciated and more proactive if the Act! installer did a check and alert wherever the 64bit version of Office is installed.  This way, the Act! installation could be halted until the Office 32bit reinstalled instead, rather than needing to start all over again after Act! is installed, learning this when at the final Outlook configuration stage.

Status: Available in Act! v18

 This feature was introduced with Act! v18. Thanks for the suggestion.

Improve the existing Act! emarketing reporting on clicks, allowing users to see which specific hyperlinks were clicked by a recipient.


This information may help to to further prioritise or route leads within a sales team, depending on exactly how the recipient has interacted with an email.

Status: Available in Act! v18

This feature was made available late in 2016, and can be accessed from the online Reports area of Act! emarketing.


After selecting a sent campaign, you are able to view the 'Clicks by Link' graph. This shows up to five bars representing the total clicks on links contained in the email. Clicking individual bars provides a report on which recipients have clicked the link, and exactly when.


You can also click the eye icon appearing at the top right corner of the graph for further details around total clicks by link. This is useful if the email contains more than five links. Both reports can be exported for further analysis if required,


Although this improvement was made outside of a specific Act! release, I have marked the status as 'Available in Act! v18' as this was the current version at that time.




If Sage ACT! had an API, then you could use a web service like Zapier (or IFTTT) to create integrations with Evernote and a whole host of other apps. I work with both Sage ACT! and SugarCRM and one of the wonderful things about SugarCRM is that you can use Zapier to automate the creations of leads (JotForm/WuFoo/unbounce/mail chimp/constant contact), create tasks (from evernote note), contacts from google docs, calendar entries or go the other way and create a facebook entry from a SugarCRM entry and whole lot more.


I would love for ACT! to have an API that we could utilise with Zapier or IFTTT. It would extend the abilities of ACT! well beyond the mere scope of a contact manager/customer relationship management piece of software.

Status: Available in Act! v18

The Act! Web API is now available as of Act! v18

Act!'s web APIs make building Act! integrations a seamless experience. Act!'s web APIs are JSON-based REST APIs, which are simple and easy to use. Additionally, they support open standards, like OData, for powerful querying.

Integration with Zapier is easily set up though Act! Connect and Act! Connect Link.


For more info see -

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