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I have, for the umpteenth time, got half way through the import wizard only to remember I haven't checked or modified the Duplicate Checking settings in Tools>Preferences>Admin Tab, so had to abandon the import wizard, amend the settings then start all over again.


And lets face it, getting these settings right is critical to making the import work properly.


Would it not be extremely helpful and logical to be able to (a) see what the current Duplicate Settings are when in the import wizard AND (b) to be able to modify them on the fly whilst doing the import?


In fact, these settings used for import should be independent of the standard background settings, otherwise you forget to return the regular settings to what the were before the import.

Right now when you create a new history it defaults the history type Appointment or whatever is top of the list alphabetically, under the preferences there should be a setting where you can change the default type for new histories, say from appointment to meeting.

Make the Preferences Window wide enough to display all the Tabs

Status: Available in Act! v17 SP1
by Gold Contributor on ‎02-12-2013 04:31 AM - last edited on ‎02-12-2013 06:36 AM by

Currently when you open Preferences the Start tab is only half visible and the Admin tab can't be seen at all.


I know they are there, others may not.


Would it be possible to adjust the default window size so that all the tabs are displayed?

really bugs me there is no EASY way to have a folder show in the documents tab.

It would be very handy if the user could adjust the default settings for the record history window. 


so if the user wants the history type to be Call and result call attempted as default when he/she opens the record history, this can be set as a default in preferences.

The menu structure and toolbar can be customised in ACT. Using Tools -> Customise -> Menus and Toolbars...


ACT 2010 introduced the "Big Buttons" that sit between the menu bar and the toolbar. Can we have the option to customise these as well? 


I would like to be able to:


a) remove them

b) make them smaller

c) add commands and custom commands to them


Depending upon my client's needs. 




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