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Isn't it about time that ACT! supported field calculations?


In contacts, Companies, Groups and  Sales Opportunities

Many people assume that ACT! does this already and are somewhat perplexed to find that it doesn't. We also need to be able to automatically create companies when importing contact data. Probably the best way to handle this would be to have some additional options in Preferences.


Option 1 - Do not automatically create Companies from Contacts.

Option 2 - Always create a new company if it doesn't exist when adding a new contact and automatically add to a company if it already exists.

Option 3 - Always create and link a new company if it doesn't exist when adding a new contact and automatically link to the company if it already exists.



"Left message" it should not update the date reached.  Obviously if I had to leave a message I DID NOT REACH THE CLIENT.  This makes the last reach date in the record worthless and I need this to be accurate.  Left Message means I have left them a message and is different from call attempted.

Reschedule Multiple Tasks

Status: Available in Act! v16
by on ‎07-08-2009 08:38 AM

I want to highlight and move 2+ tasks to the next day, but there is no way to do this.  You mean I have to move them one-by-one? What a waste of time!

Status: Available in Act! v16
Did it!

Lookups and Universal Search

Status: Available in Act! v16
by on ‎10-08-2012 12:03 PM

Our Universal Search feature can be found in the upper right corner of Sage ACT! 2012 and 2013.


This searches everything, even the text inside attached files and email. Unfortunately it cannot today create a lookup so can modify the fields or send a mail merge or any of the other tasks that a lookup is great for.


Is this something that is missing for you? If you want to be able to create a lookup from universal search results, KUDO THIS POST!!



History View

Status: Available in Act! v16
by on ‎09-07-2012 02:30 PM

Who would use a filterable list of all the histories in your database?


My vision would be much like the task list; a sortable customizable list that can filter off of Record Manager, Date, Type. Add all fields that can be in the history. Be able to create lookups from that list and export that list to Excel.


 Kudo this if you think this is a good idea. 

Calculated Fields

Status: Available in Act! v16
by on ‎08-04-2011 07:25 AM

It would be great to have the ability for fields to calculate based on the input of other fields.  This could be simple math type functions such as SUM, ADD, SUBTRACT, MULTIPLY & DIVIDE.  I'm not seeing any way to accomplish this without having to get the SDK and become a programmer.  There's already the capability of doing this with some Opportunity Fields, why not provide the flexibility in User Defined Fields???

Have Some Fun with Ctrl + N

Status: Available in Act! v16
by on ‎05-30-2013 11:41 AM

Does some ACT! historian know why it was decided that Ctrl + N should be a keyboard shortcut to creating a new database whereas creating a new note is weirdly, F9?  Smiley Frustrated


Suggested Easter egg for ACT! 2014 - Ctrl + N creates a new Note in the History tab 


Wouldn't that be fun  Smiley Very Happy

ACT! Scheduler Improvements

Status: Available in Act! v16
by Nickel Elite Contributor on ‎01-27-2011 09:52 AM

I would like the ACT! Scheduler to backup my database everyday without attachments but I also want to backup the database WITH attachments only once a week.   I want each of these backup sets to have different criteria and retention options.


The problem is, you can only schedule one backup from one computer. I would love to be able to schedule multiple backup sets.



ALSO, sometimes my backups dont occur for one reason or another but dont know about it until I finally decide to read the scheduler's log.  This has been weeks at a time sometimes.


It would be VERY helpful if the scheduler would send out an email of the log to me AND/OR schedule an activity with an alarm for me if the backup fails.  I would prefer the email because sometimes, the person who needs to know this is the ACT! consultant or IT guy.



Scott Abboud

Allied Financial Software, Inc.

I am a real estate agent and need the ability to reschedule multiple actavities / tasks at once. One should be able to highlight mutiple tasks or activities and choose a day to change them to. This task is so elementary and I can't believe it is not included in the software.

PLEASE, please, please include this in your next update. please

Thank you

History List View

Status: Available in Act! v16
by Gold Contributor on ‎11-22-2010 04:55 AM

I'm constantly looking for ways that the average user can extract useful "report" type information from ACT without having to resort to the baffling process of customizing Reports or creating SQL commands for Dashboards.


It occurs to me that now we have better filter options on History we could extract a huge amount of useful information if we could access a "History List", i.e.. History pulled from potentially every contact, company, group or opportunity.


Because of the vast number of history items available the filters would be important to reduce the size of the list to something manageable. In addition to the usual date filters (This Month, Last Week, Custom Range), Result/Regarding, Users, I would add History Entity (Contact/ Company/Group/ Opportunity/All), "Containing" and filter by Groups.


The final requirements would be to Save different List Views so that they can be set up as pre-defined "reports" (a useful addition to other List views in ACT!) and finally Print/ Print to Excel.


This would give the average user huge scope to get at all the information currently buried in the depths of an ACT database.

Opportunites-track commission

Status: Available in Act! v16
by Nickel Contributor on ‎03-25-2010 03:21 PM

Could really use a feature embedded where we keep track of cost ....yet need commission.  So, let's say someone sells a training package and they make 15% .....

there isn't anyway for the sales person to estimate what their commish would be per deal.

A lot of organizations are exporting to excel and manually doing this...seem redundant to me.

Calculate Age

Status: Available in Act! v16
by on ‎12-02-2009 10:52 AM

New Age Field that automatically Calculates the Age of a client based on the birthday field.  Would also need to support multiple birthday fields for Spouses and children.


Example:      Birthday 09/23/1970  Age  39

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Lookup search "Key word"

Status: Available in Act! v16
by on ‎05-30-2014 10:47 AM

First, let me admit I just started using ACTPro.  In the older version there was a section "Key Word" search, which I used extensively, but I have not found that particular feature on the new version.  I hope that in the next update/version that feature will be added back: it is so nice to simply type a word in and look at the results when you may not know a client name etc.

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