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Here's my first feature request for the next ACT!:
Please try not to 'lose' anything that's been in ACT! 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009.
For example, please don't 'lose' the Group selection drop-down that was in the upper right corner forever.

Losing features = losing credibility = losingcustomers = losing revenue = losing partners.

Stupid me!  I thought that would be self-evident!
Message Edited by tmergel on 11-10-2009 10:36 AM

Could we PLEASE have sticky filter settings in the Opportunity section so that they don't keep resetting to the defaults?


To include: All the standard filters, PLUS the Opportunity Lookup filed in the Nav Bar.




The ability to do a global edit to replace the contents of the Record Manager field seems to have disappeared form 2010.


Can we have it back please; it's important!



For some strange reason "Location" is not an option in the task list.


Any good reason why it can't be there? Would be helpful.



Status: Available in ACT! 2010 SP1
Jeff, thank you for the excellent suggestion. This has been added to ACT! 2010 SP1

We use ACT to send "mail merged" emails, among other things.


When I train new users how to do mail merges, I always pause when we reach the last step of the mail merge wizard - step 5 of 5, entitled "Completing the ACT! Mail Merge Wizard."


And I say, with as much drama as I can muster:

"This is the #1 stupid thing in ACT!.   This window does not make it obvious that when you click Finish, you actually send the emails out.  So do NOT click Finish if you are not SURE that everything is good and ready to go.  WHEN YOU CLICK FINISH YOU ACTUALLY SEND THE EMAILS."


And I repeat that twice. 


I do that because we had several (!) folks send out mail merges to LOTS of people unintentionally.  


Please make it more obvious that clicking Finish actually sends the message!  






I think a great Idea would be to have a button called View Groups/Companies which when selected you could pick a group name or company and then you would get a list of all the contacts.

Obviously this is for ACT! 2010 as strangely it's in all the older versions Smiley Sad


I wonder if we all plead with Santa it might get put back on



Would be useful to be able to see how many contacts are in a group when in group detail or list view.



Using ACT!2010 I have noticed when a follow up is created in an Opportunity and the follow up activity is completed it is only putting the details in the contact history (if a contact is associated to the oppertunity) but it is NOT adding it to the oppertunity history.  This makes it difficult to manage and follow up on activites on the oppertunites having to look at the contact record.

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