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With OS and Office upgrades, when ACT! was with Symantec, while they never supported the beta releases, they did release patches within 30-60 days of retail release.


This changed when MS released Vista and Office 2007... This wasn't an issue to most users, as the uptake of these was very slow and users saw many other products took some time to add support also.


However, the current policy caused quite a bit of pain when Microsoft released Office 2010... Not just because of the extended time (and upgrade fee) for it to be added to ACT! 2011, but because Sage kept saying there would be an "announcement" regarding ACT! 2010 support for Office 2010 for months (even after the release of ACT! 2011. I mentioned this in this blog post:


Many of the vendors ACT! connects to are moving to more rapid development cycles - Windows 8 due next year; Windows Server 2011 out now; Office 365 due soon; IE 9 out now; Firefox 4.0 out now and 5.0 due soon; Google Chrome; Citrix; VMWare; etc...


One of the issues with some of these is that they are auto-rolled out to users (the three browsers for example) or will be installed by default on new hardware (eg Windows and Office).


With ACT! 2012 about to go beta, and being demonstrated in a North American Roadshow, I think it's crucial that Sage management implements a plan to support upgrades for products they support in a version of ACT!. More importantly, they need to announce the policy for this publicly - either that updates won't be supported for any of these till the next major release (and users will need to make the choice to wait or look at other options); or that they may be supported, depending on the effort required. If the later, Sage must be prepared to announce the fate of each of the possible patches at (or prior) to the release of the upgraded products you integrate with.


Every ACT! add-on vendor has to test (and usually update) their products with each Sage release of ACT! ... they start testing during Sage's beta period and try to have their updated code close the the release by Sage.


I accept that some updates require to much resources to do in a patch ... when this is the case, Sage should communicate this to users before they have started rolling out updates that prevent access to the functionality of ACT! that they need.


Mike Lazarus
ACT! Evangelist
GL Computing, Australia

GL Computing Facebook Page -
LinkedIN ACT! Fanatics Group -

If you want to see custom opportunity fields available to Sage ACT! Premium Mobile please kudos this post.


The opportunities entity in ACT! is very useful in supporting more than simply sales opportunities, for instance job details for remote users who need to get information about a particular customer site visit. Accordingly to be available on iPad or Android tablets etc they need to be available to Sage ACT! Premium Mobile. Please provide.

Status: Available in Sage ACT! 2013
Available today in Sage ACT! 2013

No response from SAGE on all the Smart Task suggestions, so I thought I'd stir the pot again...


  1. be able to modify Contact fields, including Record manager
  2. be able to create Contact Notes and Histories
  3. be able to add/remove Contacts from Groups
  4. be able to close Opportunities, and to create new Opportunities
  5. be able to launch ACT Mail Merges.
  6. run as a Service, like the ACT Scheduler
  7. Be able to Schedule For Record Manager, so you could run centralized on the server (instead of on every workstation) and one Smart Task could create actions for all Users.
  8. and many other great Smart Task ideas in this forum..

Can we make lucky 2013 the year to make Smart Tasks (and Dashboard) really powerful/useful tools?

Status: Available in Sage ACT! 2013
Many of these are covered.

Having just spent hours manually adding Windows Firewall Exceptions to a bunch of PCs (again)  I can't help but wonder why there's not a utility for doing this with one click.


Thinking about it, should this not be part of the installation if Windows Firewall is detected as part of the installation process?

wish that after i speak to a client, i could hit the call or meeting or to do button, creat an activity, and have an email go to the contact, but not on the day i creat the activity, but rather on for the email to get delivered on the day prior or week prior or hour prior to the nest activity.. right now ,, the email to invite the contact goes out the day i create the activity, and it may be a month too early for my purpose,,  

any adies how to do this with an addon,,




Status: Available in Sage ACT! 2013
You can trigger a Smart Task to create an activity and send an email in Sage ACT! 2013

ACTDIAG Show in Explorer | Show Folder Contents

Status: Available in Sage ACT! 2013
by Copper Super Contributor ‎06-11-2012 08:11 AM - edited ‎06-11-2012 08:13 AM

in the ACTDIAG utility, it would be nice to have a real quick feature in the DB list, The ability to open the containing folder that the database is in. as us Mac users have "Show in Finder" or windows users have on some search windows "Open Containing Folder"
Just add it to the menu.

This would help getting to the db file more quickly for those of us who use ACTDIAG a lot.


Jeremy Wesley

Smart Tasks

Status: Available in Sage ACT! 2013
by on ‎05-20-2012 04:00 PM

After running a Smart Task, give the ability to update a Contact field. Allow the ability to change Last Results to "1st email sent", "2nd email sent", 3rd email sent", etc., at a given step.

In ActDiag, it would be great when viewing the Databases List, if you could right click an item and select "Open file location" which would open the folder that this database resides in.

Status: Available in Sage ACT! 2013
Available now in ActDiag KB.

With the Linkedin feature of the Web Tab, it will not display the contact if there are many to choose from.  I would like to see the option of adding a "Relate this Contact" or "Link this Contact" button when a contact is found.  This may also be the case when their Linkedin name is slightly different than their name in ACT.  For example, you may have a contact listed as Jeff, but their Linkedin name is Jeffrey.

Status: Available in Sage ACT! 2013
Sage ACT! 2013 offers direct LinkedIn connections using the social media tab.

would love to have a Macro that I would create for an activity that I do over and over again,

like sending a birthday email it takes 7 clicks to get done,

would be nve to have a short click on the menue bar that will do it in 1 click

more efficiant isn't it,

thanks Racheli

Status: Available in Sage ACT! 2013
Check out some of the automation features in Smart Tasks.
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Sync configuration test

Status: Available in Sage ACT! 2013
by on ‎05-07-2012 07:32 AM

It would be great to have a program that reports if all configurations has been set up correctly at the server

- test if port forwarding has been configured correctly

- share database has been set

- Internet Sync Service or Network Sync Service installed and correctly configured

. syncConfigFile.xml configured

- syncronization enabled

- name of the sync server machine

- Internet Server Address

- number of sync sets

- sync server criteria for each sync set



Status: Available in Sage ACT! 2013
We added quite a bit of usability in this area for 2013.
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Record Creation Options for Country Orientation

Status: Available in Sage ACT! 2013
by ‎03-15-2012 11:55 AM - edited ‎03-15-2012 11:58 AM

A significant number of larger ACT! sites have users in other countries, remote from the home country database, synchronizing or web accessed. A useful feature in ACT! would be the ability to set default entries in fields on record creation. The obvious requirement is to set the Country field correctly. Right now any default entry for Country is global, as a user I can't choose my own preference. Head office is USA, I'm in Canada dealing with local customers, inevitably I have to edit the Country field each time I create  a new record.



In ACT! Preferences for Record Creation Options, add the facility to specify the default Country data to your ACT! user profile. Likewise if you are a sales organization having Territory, or for that matter any particular custom field, user definable for default entry on record creation.    

Status: Available in Sage ACT! 2013
This can be done with field updates in Smart Tasks.
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Smart Alerts

Status: Available in Sage ACT! 2013
by on ‎12-09-2011 05:55 AM

Smart Alerts should be created, this would follow the same idea as Smart Tasks but instead of creating Task it would send alerts.




If the Opportunity Actual close date equals today, alert selected users/record manager by email.  the email body could contain the opportunity details.


This is just one situation but i think that many ACT users will find this tool very helpful.  If you agree add a kudo then perhaps one day it might happen.





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Could we have a command line switch for ACTDiag to rebuild the Analytics?


This would allow for a Windows Scheduled task to run nightly (or however frequently it's required) so that the Sales Manager can simply load up his now most favorite Excel Spreadshet and have the updated info appear in it.

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Is there any chance that ACT will see a merg with MAC's or apple devices? I am concerned that no effort is being made towards this goal and that many share similar concerns. Please explain to me why, if at all, ACT is not working with apple based systems such as the Iphone? I would greatly appreciate any feedback that anyone has to offer.

Status: Available in Sage ACT! 2013
Sage ACT! 2013 Premium Mobile gives you access to iPhones and iPads through the web!
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In my db I have a lot of user create date fields for the expiration of licenses or contracts.  I would like to have the option to be reminded before a date arrives.  I realize I could enter the date for the license or contract then create an activity, but that seems be double effort.  One of the purposes of ACT! is to reduce the maximum number of keystrokes, and I think this would be a good way.

Status: Available in Sage ACT! 2013
Create a Smart Task to send you an email reminder or automagically schedule an activity.
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Past calendar entries

Status: Available in Sage ACT! 2013
by on ‎10-21-2011 07:54 AM

Having used 3rd. party sync tools in the past with ACT (all the way back to Act 5.0/2000), allowing only the past 30 days of calendar entries to sync with Conenct on ACT 2012 to a mobile device is very, very limiting.  Part of the appeal of ACT vs. using Outlook for contact/calendar management, is it's ability to link contacts with ALL activities.  When I am visiting a client that I have not seen in a couple of months, it would be great to be able to search my mobile device calendar to pull up when our last meeting was, notes I took and input into that calendar entry, etc.


I understand the concept of not wanting to overload the phones memory, but this feature should at least allow us to select how far back we want to go and use the same yellow and red warnings that we see when we try to sync 1500 or 2500 contacts.

Status: Available in Sage ACT! 2013
No data limits in Sage ACT! Premium Mobile.
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Sage ACT needs to come up with a solution for companies who wish to setup automated batch emails based on trigger fields in the database.  The "Smart" Tasks is small step in the right direction, but promoting Swiftpage as the integrated partner for all parties was a large step in the wrong direction.  This service will only allow you to establish 1 sender profile for each ACT user.  For our 40 person company, which sends automated emais on behalf of over 200 unique parites, we would be required to purchase a large number of ACT licenses that would essentially never be used.  Also, with the service being user specific, it does not give global visabilty into the emails sent or retrun data that the service provider promotes.  If anyone else has found a solution for this type of business model, we would be very appreciative if you could share.  Thanks everyone!  

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If I schedule an e-mail or activity via smart task for the following days, it should take into consideration that no one will be at the office on Saturday and Sunday to make calls and send e-mails.

Status: Available in Sage ACT! 2013
Sage ACT! 2013 gives offline smart task emails!
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