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It is critical that ACT!2010 users who upgrade to Outlook 2010 (final) maintain integration with ACT, as well as avoiding any other major Office 2010 incompatibility. When I upgraded to Office 2010 last week, I found that the integration was lost. Tech Support gave me a workaround, but this should be more fully documented and formally supported. I was shocked to be told by customer service that ACT did not support Office 2010, as if it were a minor or unexpected product introduction. I think Sage will end up losing business by appearing to be clueless and inept in preparing for a game-changing Office 2010 product introduction by Microsoft. I think it is totally unacceptable to wait until ACT!2011 to provide reasonable compatibility.


I have been an ACT user in my IT consulting business since before 1994, and have lived with the slow evolution of ACT to interoperate adequately with MS Office. I advise many large user organizations on use of software. I am also a Microsoft Registered Partner and recognized industry Analyst. Along with thousands of other users and IT experts, I converted last week to Office 2010 including Outlook, and am transitioning from MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2010. I think there are dramatic improvements which will cause customers to move far more quickly than past Office introductions, partly due to SharePoint, mobile and web capabilities. Last October, 7000 Microsoft users and solution providers converged on Las Vegas, eager to hear the latest about the expected 2010Q2 release of these long awaited products. May 12 was the official launch and channel and technet partners were able to download fully released product on that date. June 15 may be the retail release, but many users will convert before that time.

Status: Available in ACT! 2010
Available with known issues in ACT! 2010. Full support in ACT! 2011.

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Act! Diamond Partner and certified consultant providing Act! CRM software, consultancy, implementation, training and support throughout the UK.

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