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Status: Available in ACT! 2011
by on ‎05-08-2010 09:31 AM

Sometimes when I am going through my desk there are lots of little things that need to be captured in a fast – non-interrupted manner. 

For example a list might look like this:

TM - roster

car insurance



Call rekha

update website w PT

Send Misty a card

Call X - where are cards?

linked in

kofi and chief introduction

This is a collection of things that pop into my head which I don’t want to forget but I can’t stop what I am doing to address that task/item/call/todo at that moment.  At a later time, I’ll put in my ACT! calendar with more information as needed.  Some of the items I do within the hour and delete since completed. 

Entering into the ACT! task section will not work because I have to stop and think about who, what, and when in order to make the task breaking my current thought process to shift gears.  The point is to capture the thought without disrupting the current process.  

After the brainstorming, I want to be able to move the list around, change the order, change the priority so I can work from the list at that time or import into ACT as task attached to contacts for items that can’t be completed immediately (then I want to think about the task’s needs, whos, whats and whens).  I used sideACT for this process.  Now I am using a post-it note – that is NOT working because I can’t move the list around or import it or draw a line through it when done (some completed items I want to put into ACT! as history for that client) or import into ACT! 2010.  What I do like about the post-it note is it is small (I can make it as big as I want) and it can stay in the corner of the screen without interrupting other programs/work progress.

I understand a lot of people never used sideACT – from my experience my clients didn’t even know what it was for so they ignored it until I showed them how to use it.

Please put a task brainstorming element back in.



Status: Available in ACT! 2011
Check out ScratchPad in Sage ACT! 2011.
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