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I want to find all the contacts in my database in the Sheffield area by postcode.


Sheffield postcodes go from S1 ### to S81 ###


Frustratingly, there's no sensible way to do postcode lookups in ACT!


Lookup > Postcode . Starts with "S", returns spurious results, e.g. SW1 is in London.


I can try Lookup > Postcode . Starts with "S_ _", using the underscore as a character placeholder, but that just finds S1 to S9 and misses out S10 and above.


What we need is the ability to use number and letter placeholders in lookups and queries.

For example if "#" is a number and "%" is a letter, I could use..


Lookup > Postcode . Starts with "S#" to find what I want. 


In more general terms I also want to be able to do things like  lookup records where the third character in a field is a number. Is that too much to ask?


You can do this sort of stuff in Universal search, but you can't do lookups from universal search, so it's not much use.


The world uses postcodes and zip codes. It has done for decades. It's nearly 2012. ACT! should be able to handle these effectively if it is to remain a relevant sales and marketing tool.

Any list view should be able to be exported to Excel.  That's it.

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Sync configuration test

Status: Available in Sage ACT! 2013
by lejon on ‎05-07-2012 07:32 AM

It would be great to have a program that reports if all configurations has been set up correctly at the server

- test if port forwarding has been configured correctly

- share database has been set

- Internet Sync Service or Network Sync Service installed and correctly configured

. syncConfigFile.xml configured

- syncronization enabled

- name of the sync server machine

- Internet Server Address

- number of sync sets

- sync server criteria for each sync set



Status: Available in Sage ACT! 2013
We added quite a bit of usability in this area for 2013.
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