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on ‎05-20-2020 07:37 AM

I agree with you. This feature needs to be part of the product.

I have faced this redundant obstacle while browsing through the contacts of Apps4Rent, O365CloudExperts, and CloudDesktopOnline.

These are the companies I have worked for.

And it was a tremendous task to work with such a redundant default feature.


I vote for this feature too.

‎05-20-2020 10:08 AM - edited ‎06-24-2020 11:21 AM

So, while I am in favor, I didn't test it before.


I clicked on a group that had more than one page of contacts in the list view.  


Then I selected one that was at least 2 pages away.  Double clicked and wen to the detail view.  When I went back to list view, it went to the same highlighted contact.


BTW, I generally use the F8 key to display the list.