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on ‎03-19-2010 10:46 AM

I agree ... our quotes from ACT and not printing in a logical order and do not look professional.   We should be able to produce a quote with the main product listed first and the options for the product listed underneath.   The items should appear on the Products/Services list in the order in which they are added (at the very least).    Best case scenario would be to add a move up or move down feature so the items can be manually ordered prior to producing a quote (especially if items changed or added to the opportunity after it was initially opened).


Since we've upgraded to the 2010 version of ACT, most of our sales people have boycotted using ACT for producing quotes and do them manually in WORD -- is is causing a paperwork nightmare.


It seems as if, with the 2010 version, the focus has shifted from sales to marketing.