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by Bronze Super Contributor
on ‎08-04-2015 09:51 AM

The reason you are getting a response on this forum is that is is for NEW ideas to improve ACT not problem solving.


Please return to ACT community and post your issue on either the ACT or ACT Premium forum whichever applies.


And, Swiftpage is never going to certify ACT 2011/V13 for Windows 10. it is a 5 year old version of the product. It was developed by a prior owner of the product (Sage).


Your attempt to make ACT 2011 work with Windows 10, is something will have to work with on your own. But, posting your experiences on the one of the ACT forums listed above may result in helpful answers from ACT users and/or ACT consultants.

on ‎08-05-2015 11:30 AM

It works the same as windows 8.  use the win button +R and the run area pops up.  I did it and it is working.



on ‎08-05-2015 12:21 PM

What is "run area pop up" ?