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on ‎01-27-2012 08:08 AM

I wouldn't hold your breath as this is a bit re-write :-(


BTW: what functions are you finding slow?  If you want more speed for 500K contacts, the bestway is to upgrade SQL from the Express version to Standard (you do this with Microsoft) ... that will mean that it can use more than 1GB RAM and multipl processors - and be a lot faster with that much data


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on ‎02-06-2012 11:01 AM



We are already using SQL Standard with a quadcore virtual environment and 12 GBs of RAM.  Unfortunately, when you add several custom tables, field level calculations, auto-populating data, hundreds of addtional fields, and advanced databoard reporting it still gets slow.  If Sage would re-write, and take the governer off this machine for customers like us, we could really have a great tool to work with!


Not holding my breath, but definitely keeping my fingers crossed.