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‎05-03-2011 12:14 PM - edited ‎05-03-2011 12:15 PM

It may not meet your exact need, but when viewing the Task List, any column can be sorted by clicking on the Heading for that column.  To sort by Regarding, click on the column heading 'Regarding'.  You can add and remove columns using the View > Customize Columns option.

on ‎05-03-2011 10:59 PM

Sure that is useful but if you have a lot of calls scheduled it is a lot easier to focus if you can sort by regarding....maybe we are the only comp that has this need??

on ‎05-05-2011 08:30 AM

I can certainly see the usefullness of this type of filter, but the Regarding field is a free-form type field meaning there could literally be hundreds or thousands of unique values for it, so adding a filter may not be viable. Do you have an idea of how you would like to see this filter presented?

on ‎05-05-2011 11:28 PM

Could it be filtered using the custom list values set for regarding field dropdown, and then maybe a custom option also?


I hope that make sense!