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on ‎09-21-2009 07:28 PM

If you have a Blackberry or PocketPC, have a look at Handheld Contact


It can sync wirelessly while you are on the road and, with the Professional Edition, you can sync up to 76 fields of your ACT! database and other people's schedules if you want.



Mike Lazarus

on ‎09-21-2009 08:19 PM

Thank you.  I have an ACE (with Sprint) and I read a bit about the Handheld Contact in other posts.

Do you know something about how ACT determines the information to update when we do sync?

I am wondering (obviously I will test this when I return from this trip), whether it will take new updates from both my ACT database and from my ACE and update each.  It will be interesting, hopefully not disappointing.  I am keeping track of the exact contact information I enter while traveling and will keep a list of a few meetings I am scheduling on my PDA and observe what the sync does, after I get back.


I just wondered if anyone had noticed or knew from the software the mechanics.  I am still in the testing stage.  Everytime I sync, I have to recheck my phone numbers, because it seems numbers I had on the phone or entered new on my ACE don't make it through the syncing.  So maybe I am starting to get my own answers.


If you know how to access a section of the company (ACT) which has this type of information,I would appreciate the info on how to contact them.

Thanks Donna



on ‎09-21-2009 09:18 PM

HHC has a console that lets you chose what data get's sync'd.


I don't know the ACE... but, from the Web, it looks like it only has the SmartPhone version of Windows Mobile OS.


If so, that means you can only use the HHC Basic or Entry versions and not the Professional.


HHC won't update ACT! with the numbers already on the phone... you should bring those into ACT!, then over write the phone with the data from ACT!. It can then keep both in sync.


‎09-22-2009 10:27 AM - edited ‎09-22-2009 10:29 AM



I'd like to list the options in front of you, and let you make the decision on what option best serves your needs.


The ACE is a Windows Mobile phone.  You have a three popular options to sync ACT! data with that phone:


1. Handheld Contact (as mentioned earlier): this will sync wirelessly between ACT! and a custom application that runs on your phone.  They have also recently introduced the ability to sync to the native contacts and calendar apps on the phone.  They have both a paid monthly service and a free service.


2. CompanionLink: this will sync either wired (USB) or wireless with your phone.  You choose.  Data will sync to the native calendar and contacts app on the phone. They have a one-time purchase option or a monthly service plan for wireless sync.


3. CompanionLink via Google: this will sync your ACT! data to a free Google account that you have.  Then, you can use the free Google Sync service to get free wireless sync with your phone.  This is cost-effective because you're making a one-time purchase (in CompanionLink) and getting free wireless sync service to your phone.  The only consideration you need to make is whether you're comfortable using Google as an intermediary.


4. ACT! Link for PocketPC: this is a free solution that comes with your purchase of ACT!.  It does a basic wired (USB) sync between ACT! and your Windows Mobile / Pocket PC phone.  It syncs data to the native contacts and calendar apps on the phone.  I can't find the webpage that outlines this information on the ACT! website anymore.  All I could find was this page in their support section:


The best solution will depend on what you're looking to do and how much you want to pay for it.


I believe all four solutions have the ability to let you define which information takes priority, and whether you want to sync one-way (ie - from phone to ACT! or ACT! to phone), 


I hope this helps to clearly lay out the options you have.

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on ‎11-24-2009 02:17 AM

I just saw this again and thought I'd add a small point... clink might correct me re CompanionLink, but I think any app that sync's to the native address book on the PDA would need to update all fields when there's a change.


So, if you update a field for a record and, before your next sync, someone in the office updates a different field, only the last one to make the change will be kept.


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