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by Gold Contributor
on ‎11-25-2014 06:25 AM



In version 17 there's a "LInk" option in the documents tab where you can add a URL to a folder, but it would be more intuitive if at came with a BROWSE button so you can navigate to the folder you want in Windows Explorer.


In older versions you can achieve the same thing by creating a new custom field called "Client Folder" or whatever and making it a URL field. Put "File://" (without the quotes) as a default value. Then in Windows Explorer you can navigate to the folder of interest, click in the address bar to get the file path and paste it into the new field.

by Astute Commentator
on ‎01-06-2015 10:05 AM

Hi paymanzafar and Jeff.

Have a look at our Seamless folders app at

We have created a neat app that allows you to create folders based on criterion e.g. is this an active contact record and you have the option of creating folders based on static information i.e. when the contact is flagged as active, crete this or these folders. Or you can choose the elite version which allows for creating folders based on dynamic fields. for example if the contact is marked as active and the ID status = "car insurance", create a folder called "Home Insurance"

on ‎02-09-2015 12:47 AM

In V17 SP1