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by Employee
on ‎08-18-2010 09:07 AM

ACT! is Licensed 'Per Named User'

Each serial number purchased allows you to create a separate username and password, stored on the server (Manage Users)

So if the first division created 25 separate user names that the users use to log in with, how would they expect to let more than 25 users log in with separate user names without violating the EULA?



by Bronze Contributor
on ‎08-18-2010 09:23 AM

Do you think some organizations care or even think about the EULA?  You should come out into the field and see what we see - pirated copies of Office,  I recently came across an ACT! installation where the license allowed 87,000 users - you think that was hacked?


How about when one company shares their database structure with another?  Do you think they even konw that the serial number carried over with the database?



by Employee
on ‎08-18-2010 02:00 PM

Understood. I see this all the time as well...

That is one reason why Sage has install tolerances built into the software.
Do you think if Sage "fixed" this ,  the company with 87,000 users wouldn't find a way to add 87,000 users anyways?