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on ‎10-02-2013 08:07 AM

I'm pretty sure universal search gives you this behavior. 

by Nickel Elite Contributor
on ‎10-02-2013 09:52 AM

Universal search doesn't work based on my example.  First, it takes longer and renders too many choices by default. It also doesn't find the John Smiths that have a middle initial.  It defaults to all record types and will also look in other fields that are unnecessary.  Of course we can then filer contacts only but it will show "John Smith" data in other fields that are not the contact record.  For example, I just did a universal search on my database for John Smith and it found contacts that are not John Smith but instead include John Smith Drive in Address 1 and John Smith in the 2nd Contact and 3rd Contact fields.


Adding an automatic % to spaces between the text strings would be a better choice.



Scott Abboud

by Bronze Super Contributor
on ‎10-02-2013 09:25 PM

Benjamin, you're right, but if that is 'the answer' then why have a search box in the left nav bar at all?

Automatic wildcards in that box is a great idea. I've kudo'ed this idea.

by Nickel Elite Contributor
on ‎10-03-2013 11:47 AM

Why not put automatic wildcards in the Universal Search box also?