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on ‎11-11-2009 04:18 AM

100% agreed...


And if I want to schedule something for myselft to do for one of my staff, I don't want it to appear in their calendar (as it does now) and that they have to clear, creating an additional history


Mike Lazarus

by Gold Contributor
on ‎11-11-2009 04:33 AM
Gets my vote too. Comes up quite frequently when two or three people in the office all go to a meeting with a customer. Jeff
on ‎12-16-2009 12:23 PM
I wish my appointments could schedule an alarm for my secretary as well as my computer.  If I schedule for multiple contacts (her and I) it does not show the information about the contact. 
by Nickel Contributor
on ‎12-18-2009 07:42 AM
Good idea. Trevor
on ‎06-02-2011 09:00 AM

Yes, this is one our frustrations as well. This software was supposed to make it EASY for an office to easy share activities and approach customer services as a TEAM. How can we vote in favor of adding a feature to schedule activities FOR multiple users rather than WITH multiple contacts who are all users??


I also like the idea posted above such that appointments could schedule an alarm for my secretary as well as my computer.


Also, it would be great if we could show initials for users instead of their full names, since that takes up most of the available space when viewing activities on a calendar. I'd love to just see User Initials and the Client's Name.


on ‎02-25-2013 06:30 PM

It goes without saying that this is obvious type stuff. So why are we talking about it? Isn't it common sense to get this done?


What are they waiting for?



by Gold Contributor
on ‎03-08-2013 01:21 AM

Yes, this is basic required functionality that's really important to 95% of ACT users.

on ‎03-08-2013 07:35 AM

It would be relatively simple to allow for multiple scheduled for users. How would this change the activity? Would it be  clear able by any of the users? Would they be able to edit it? 

by Nickel Elite Contributor
on ‎08-14-2014 02:16 PM


Just found your post. 


What if the Schedule for dialog box was a multi-select drop down instead of a single select drop down.  Can ACT! store the multiple users and can each user see the activity on their calendar?


Check to see the way Outlook does this. That is the way customers want it.


Scott Abboud


on ‎09-30-2014 11:35 AM

I see this thread spans five years... I would have thought it an obvious addition to be able to schedule multiple users. Judging by the previous comments, it's something that can't / won't be done. It would seem a simple addition (that probably should have been there all along).

I even tried creating a team (in ACT 2012), hoping it would appear on the pull-down, but alas, it doesn't. (Note to developers: this would be a good thing!) If it does actually get added in a future release. it would be good to know about it.