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by Gold Contributor
on ‎09-21-2012 06:46 AM



It's madness the facility is there but with no user interface to access it.


Actually, I'd quite happily accept a simple customisable table (like Notes), but where you can add and name fields) in a new tab. This would meet the need for most of the applications I come accross.


Keep it simple and get it implemented if that's what works.

by Nickel Contributor
on ‎03-02-2013 06:31 AM

I agree with this only if it is limited to Premium. There needs to be more differentiation between Pro & Premium. The addition of the Scheduler to Pro/Standard several years ago made it a lot harder to get small workgroups to spend the extra money on Premium

on ‎03-04-2013 07:27 AM

There used to be free Top Line Designer single table support but you had to sign-up for and I think had to be on Premium and part of Business Care.


Be nice to see that option put in and then if you want multiple table support you can upgrade and then if you need more assistance reach out to your local area ACT Certified Consultant.


I do alot of work with custom tables and it typically generates at least a 10 to 1 return in time savings and automating various business processes that are typically conducted by spreadsheet, email and printed and filed in manilla folders.


Pete Fernald

Atlantic Database

on ‎03-11-2013 08:05 AM

Need to promote custom tables and ACT more as that's where the next wave of services are and if you are going to enable Premium access with GUI or bundle in Top Line Designer then you should really push it.  This is way undersold in terms of funcitonality in ACT.

on ‎04-12-2013 06:10 AM

Logic tells me that if custom table design is included in ACT then it would be a tighter solution so that we could also perform calculations on any field including custom tables and not just core tables.  No?


Pete Fernald

on ‎04-12-2013 03:04 PM

Totally agree with your sentiment Pete, it could be a huge differentiator up against web competitors. 

on ‎09-16-2015 07:33 AM

Agree with Pete Fernald - it would provide a better solution, and if limited to Premium would provide another reason to go Prem not Pro.

on ‎11-09-2015 07:46 AM

I understood that the main objection to including a Table Design Wizard was that the owner of ACT also owned Saleslogix and it could harm SLX sales. Now SLX is not owned by Swiftpage this would be a logical step for ACT to take with the Premium version. I can so no negatives to making this move apart from ACTs design team development time but most is already in the SDK so not a great deal of work. With integrated table design ACT would move up the CRM pecking order and also allow people like me used to table development to customise clients databases more effectively and also gain ACT market share.  

on ‎09-12-2017 09:26 AM

Giving this Idea a Bump. Without knocking the Addons such as Durkin's Impact Suite, Topline Designer, or TableIT, support and functionality become a headache with every update, hot fix, and new version of Act! that is released. Fingers crossed for v20 to come with a table designer.

on ‎09-12-2017 11:45 AM

We get a number of new features that are revenue focused with each release but also need new features that help Swiftpage stay up in the CRM list of usability and diversity. This would do it.