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on ‎08-16-2016 03:58 PM
Simplest way is to export from LinkedIn in CSV and then import to Act!
by spsearch
on ‎08-17-2016 11:54 AM

I am looking for a way to take the results of a LinkedIn search, save it to XLS then import into ACT!  I'm aware there are third parties who can provide this feature but it would be much better to have ACT! to do it.

on ‎08-17-2016 02:04 PM
LinkedIn has an Export option ... Then you just have to import to Act! What is it that you want Act! to do?
by dougfranklin1
on ‎01-25-2017 01:07 PM

Resume Grabber Job Suite will grab a LinkedIn contact pulled up on the page and automatically populate it in to ACT