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on ‎01-10-2019 06:51 AM

Date range should have all dates possible and not only this year and last year.  AGREED!!



We are managing our sales team and upgraded to V21 specifically for this feature. We have had nothing but trouble since we upgraded. First the licensing issue, now an issue with the pipeline view crashing and not being able to be used more than a few hours at a time. (Lengthy process to restart the pipeline feature - the services keep crashing) We are waiting on the next patch to fix this issue.


When the feature is up and running it is great, except that we cannot see all opportunities due to the date range issue listed above.


 Would be great if you can add this, as it would tremendously improve the program and make it much more useful for us.

on ‎09-25-2019 01:37 AM

We have noticed indeed that -  for one reason or another  - the value “Next year” in the drop down list under “Date Range” in the Pipeline View of Act’s Opportunities Menu,  can't be selected.  I can select “next week”, “next month”, “next quarter”, but not “next year”.

As a result, I just can’t generate the Pipeline View for 2020.

As we are having long sales cycles, this is a real shortcoming of the program.

Therefore, it would be great to add that value  and a 'custom from-to'  value in the said drop down list  ...

on ‎11-06-2019 12:22 PM

We have checked every available update, but this for us very important feature is still not available.

When will it be launched??

@Edwin_NL wrote:

Date range should have all dates possible and not only this year and last year. 


We are selling investment goods and most projects take more than 2 years from first contact (Sales opp) to a closed deal.


Would be great if you can add this.


by Copper Contributor
on ‎11-13-2019 08:13 PM

I agree with this feature request 100%, date ranges are available in the old Dashboard and similar option should be available in Pipeline View but I would be happy to see Next Year added if they can't do custom date ranges


by Nickel Contributor
‎06-15-2020 07:48 AM - edited ‎06-15-2020 07:51 AM

I just had a demo with an existing customer with 11 Salesstaff  thinking of moving to Act Cloud v22.1. 


The first thing he asked has ALL DATES been added and next has CUSTOM DATES been added to the Pipeline view. He was very unimpressed with how Act "improvments" lead to reduced functionality.


This functionality has been on Oppertunity List view for years, why cant it be on the Piprline view? This ommission is loosing Act customers.