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on ‎10-03-2009 09:42 PM

You can password protect layouts with network security

You can pasword protect fields in the database (well make them only available to specific users)

As the layouts are seperate from the database, you can't tie notes/histories to a layout

on ‎10-03-2009 09:44 PM



Any links to help me with either one of these?



on ‎10-03-2009 10:17 PM

Password protection for the layouts is by using network security on the CLY files


Field security is a Premium function as per:


on ‎10-03-2009 11:15 PM

Can I buy the Premium Edition without being on a network?  In other words, you say this feature is on the Premium edition, but I am a single user and am not on a network.  Will the Premium edition work the same way as the standard if not on a network?



on ‎10-04-2009 12:16 AM

Yes you can upgrade to the Premium version without a network.


There is no need for LAN for the Premium version. I do much work in stand-alone virtual machines


But if not on a network why do you need the security?


Also remember that these functions are based on user names and you can only have the same number of user names as you have licenses