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on ‎06-04-2010 07:12 AM
Great idea, I have been advocating something like this for over 10 years.  A global protection option\\preference\hotkey should not be that difficult to implement.
on ‎06-04-2010 07:17 AM

A couple of issues:

* Protected can be No Access or Read Only

* Not all fields can be protected

*  Protecting and un-Protecting fields requires exlusive access, so wouldn't work in a multi-user environment


Two options that might be easier to request:

1. Write once - so the field can be edited (especially if required) when creating the record, but not changed afterwards

2. Ability to select multiple fields when setting field security... especially when multiple teams with varied access to sets of fields.


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‎06-07-2010 03:44 PM - edited ‎06-08-2010 02:41 PM

This is low on Sage list of to-do's to add a feature for Global Field Security change, so don't wait!

The only hope for change is more Community Forum Users go to Share Idea's and vote.


I agree it's needed to help be more productive for example doing imports (using add-on like MergeAdmin field level import), or an annual maintenance shrinking DB that is growing 20% more than it needs to over time.  To shrink DB size once a year I have to create an Empty Copy of DB run through all the steps to recreate User account and setting the field securities before doing import ACT DB into ACT DB.

Running the ACTDIAG.EXE repair steps and reindex does not shrink DB in fact every time I reindex DB increases in size.


Try this on the Demo DB after you do a Save Copy As and defined a couple of fields securities.

1. My solution if you own one or more licenses is to create an ACT User account "Admin" with Administrator rights and set logon Access to Activate after you deactivate your user account (if you only have one license).  

Don't put the Admin user into a Team.


2. For each field you wish to Define Fields Security from Users Tab listing the ACT users set  "Admin" Access to Full Access, and Based On to User Permission.


3. If Admin Based On is set as "Default Permission" not User Permission.

The trick if Reset button fials is for each fields Field Secuirty double click "Admin" in the Tab User List to get the Edit Users dialog window.

Highlight Admin and select the Access List drop-down dialog selecting Full Access and or select Read-Only and back to Full Access to see that the Apply button is no longer grey and shows full access. Then hit Apply or OK button.  Doing this for every field you wish to set security to Full Access.


4. Check the other User(s) and the Team they are part of. Than set Access to Read Only and Based On to Team Permission 


After all is setup perform the Tools | Database Maintenance | Check and Repair, and run the ACTDIAG steps of DB Check, Repair, DB rebuild, the different DB fixes and than run Reindex.


Now when you need to import ect.. you only need to deactivate your ACT User account and Active the Admin account to login to DB as Admin.



Message Edited by JM on 06-08-2010 02:41 PM