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on ‎04-16-2012 12:59 PM
‎04-29-2012 05:10 PM - edited ‎04-29-2012 05:12 PM



I think the link above is incorrectly attached to this topic.  Has no relationship to tsbgeorge's request.


There have been two other postings in this forum covering same topic in recent years. 


There probably needs to be some capability in the system to identify and link such posts together. Then you will see a true picture emerge on specific requirements.


I agree with the post. We have some very old formats ( not good PR for ACT! ) still floating around in ACT! that should have been addressed and updated with each release.


It is an area that should form part of the developers's brief and Product Development Specification for each release - i.e.  Examine and Update any template, view, layout, field structure, import /export or other process which is used in Contact Management for relevance and compatibility with current formats and requirements.


Typically in need of this review for ACT! 2013 (V15) Review would be:


  • Invitation eMail Format   (make fully editable compatible with other template formats)  to be capable of reflecting User Preferences for Fonts, Content, Headers and Footers
  • Create Contact from eMail Format   Change this to work with the local country formats i.e.have the Country Field populate from Default in Database; Include ability to modify to use active fields in Database i.e Post Box or Posal Address as well as Stret Address; Change Field Names to local formats i.e. Region/Province instead of State; PostCode insteads of Zip;  Include and use the Local Formats for Phone, Fax and Mobile Phone fields  
  • Incorporate  Modified Layout Views for common use resolutions and allow deletion or relocation of obsolescent layouts such as 800x600  - include Tablet/Pad Layout View Structure 

Ask ACCs and Users what they would like to have available in each release and work with most popular choices