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on ‎05-24-2013 12:13 PM

You know, when I read this my first reaction was "But we do that already."  So I looked into it and there does seem to be a defect there.


I created a database and made changes to stored queries, reports and templates, and layouts and dashboards. Then I saved an empty copy to a different folder than the default, in my Backups folder.


I found ACT! placed all the files I needed, and the custom files in the dbcopy-database files folder, in the location I specified but also placed a copy of the un-customized dbcopy-database files folder in the location of the original database. When I opened the dbcopy database, sure enough, ACT! read the un-customized files from the default database folder and not from the folder where the .pad file was that I opened.


What you may be seeing as you test your copy is that there could be two copies of the supplemental files created when you save a copy to a non-default location and that ACT! is using the supplemental files it finds first in the default location before looking where the db .pad file is.


There's some cleanup we can do here but I have two suggestions:


  1. Save the copy to the default Databases folder, then distribute from there.
  2. If you save to a different location, verify the supplemental files were created in the new location and remove any supplemental files for the db copy that ACT! may have placed in the default Databases location.

What a great suggestion; thanks for posting this so we could research!