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on ‎05-06-2013 08:35 AM

Thank you Don.


Here is a step to get you thinking. If you need more detail, reply. 


SDK With Current Code

It is possible to add extended functionality to Mobile without any changes to the core product.  This is done by following the conventions of ASP.NET MVC.  The following steps will create a page for use in Mobile.

  1. Create a class library (dll) in Visual Studio.
  2. Add references to System.Web.Mvc and Act.Web.
  3. Add a class with the route name followed by “Controller” (i.e. MyPluginContoller), and have it inherit form ActController.  By inheriting from ActController, the class gets access to the ACT! Framework through the framework member variable.
  4. Copy the dll to the APFW\bin folder.
  5. Create a folder with the route name (i.e. MyPlugin) under the APFW\Views folder and add a Razor view file (.cshtml) to it.

To access the newly added page the existing view files (.cshtml) have to be modified.  For example, to add a link on the home page to the new plugin page, a new li element must be added to APFW\Views\Home\Index.cshtml with a link to the MyPlugin page.


  1. If the user updates to a new version of ACT! then any of those modifications will be overridden.