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on ‎07-21-2009 11:03 AM



Could you provide a use case for why users would want bi-directionality between contacts and groups?  I am just trying to understand because usually company is treated as both an attribute of a contact and also a group of several contacts that work within the same company.  Groups on the other hand are structures defined to organize a set of contacts that share the same context for the end user.  Sometimes this context is a dynamic criteria that contacts need to qualify to be member of that group.


A company tends to be more static and contacts are usually associated to only one company.  Therefore, traversing from contact to a company provides a way to discover other company attributes easily such as location, website, key employees.  But I'm not sure why you would traverse to a group from a contact especially if the contact falls within that group as part of a dynamic query.




Vineet Singla

Sr. Product Manager

Sage CRM Solutions


on ‎07-21-2009 06:46 PM

Thank for the email Vineet,


An example of this would be a softball team.  I know of someone who plays and directs a softball team.  This softball team has its own website and email address too!  The fields that are in that group pertain to that softball team. 


I would not want that softball team considered a company because it's not. Suppose this softball team is a bunch of guys/gals from the company you work for.  These people are also very serious about being a competitive softball team and win champoinships! 


Again, this would not make sense if it was a company. Yet, the group is a highly professional group of people that make what they do perfectly legitimate.


Thank you!



on ‎07-21-2009 07:25 PM



There are addons that trigger a layout switch when a dropdown field is recognized on the layout.  In other words, if ID/Status has the word " Baseball Team" in it, it would change the layout to something completely different than if the dropdown has "Employer" in it..  That's why bi-directional linking with groups would be a good idea because you cannot tell what layout that particluar contact is going to have until the addon recognizes the field text and changes the layout  This would make ACT! much more versatile because if the "Group" has the ID/Status "Baseball Team" and the contact trigger also has the same ID/Status, then the layout of the contact would have certain fields that could be linked to the group.  This would give ACT! a whole new look to it and give it less rigidity.