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on ‎09-19-2010 01:21 PM

Any chance this is in 2011 version? We have been trying to get this done for years. Seems the activity tables are off limits for templates....


It does not seem that complicated and it has actually made me consider abandoning ACT but the rest seems so responsive.




Larry Bernstein

Act user since Version 1 or 2 ...

on ‎09-20-2010 07:07 AM


Unfortunately, this feature has not been added to 2011. However, the message can be edited in Outlook or ACT! Email prior to sending it.

on ‎03-10-2011 04:47 AM

Seem slike it is now only an invitation that appears as gibberish unless the client uses outlook or ical


Any addins that can send our reminders without reformaing every appointment e-mail EVERY DAY to add  our practice information



on ‎03-14-2011 08:58 PM

Greg this post should be combined with the other thread that is active on getting rid of the poorly structured, hard coded email templates in ACT! and making the integration with Outlook more flexible.


When we can send out emails with our own logos, background , formats and signature blocks from ACT! by modifying the ACT! baseline templates  but cannot have the same look and feel for these important elements of day to day contact management the product is out of step with User Requirements.


These types of templates should have been addressed much earlier in development of the SQL versions of ACT!

on ‎03-15-2011 07:49 AM


Normally I would agree regarding combining the posts, if it were on one of the product discussion boards. But this is the Ideas boards, so it's fine to have more than one post regarding the same suggestion or feature request. I also agree that the invitation email template should be customizable, so the more users that post it, the more exposure it will get.