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on ‎08-16-2020 07:40 AM

If I understood your question, I think this may be what you want:


1.  Lookup company name in contact view.

2.  Highlight the ones that need to have a field changed using the Windows command Ctrl Enter

3.  Select "Lookup Selected"

4.  Then use the Edit command to "Replace Field" and enter the information as needed.

on ‎08-17-2020 05:50 AM

Hi jnpurdy,


Thank you for your reply.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure I explained the issue/need clearly.


I have a 'Contact Status' field in Companies that is linked to a 'Contact Status' field in Contacts.  In one instance, I would like to mass-edit all Contacts by modifying the 'Contact Status' field with the value of the linked field in the corresponding Company.


I have almost 2,000 Companies in my ACT database, so it would be far too time-consuming to do this one-company-at-a-time.


Hope this helps clarify.  Please let me know if you can help.




on ‎08-17-2020 05:55 AM

Well, I tried to figure out a way, but in all cases "Update Linked Contacts" is always grayed out.


If there is a solution, I'm thinking it would have to be a 3rd party or maybe one of the SQL ACCs can help you with a solution.


Good luck, Ken.

‎08-17-2020 06:00 AM - edited ‎08-17-2020 06:01 AM

Thanks for your help, John.


There was previously a 3rd party addon to do exactly this, but I don't believe it's available for the v22.  Hoping ACT reads these posts and considers adding this feature to the product.  Would be enormously beneficial.


Thanks again,