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by Bronze Super Contributor
on ‎06-05-2015 10:03 AM



This forum is not really the place to post this inquiry. This for product IMPROVEMENT suggestions.

The link following is the best place to post product issues.

This above site is monitored by Swiftpage, ACT Users and ACT Consultants. The best answers come when the most people can see your issue.....


That being said, you need to give more info as to why the merges fail. Like errors (screenshot works best) that you got, state exactly what happens, for example: the mail merge starts, then stops, without error or with this error (xxxx).


Not sure what tech support did to help but these are my suggestions. 


-----First: Back-Up your ACT Database using that ACT feature which is under FILE menu. Make sure you understand where the backup (zip file) is being saved to - I suggest you redirect tthe backup to the DESKTOP of the computer so that you can find it later.......


1. Uninstall ACT

2. Unistall SQL Express 2005 and/or 2008

3.  Uninstall Office

4. Restart computer

5. Go to C: Programs (64bit Win-Programs (x86), delete ACT folder and Office folder if they are still there.

6. Run a registry cleaner like CC Cleaner, several times

7. Restart your computer, run registry cleaner again.

8. Install Office

9 Run Windows update service and install ALL critical Windows and Office updates offered

10. Install ACT 2015/V17 (since there is no existing SQL Express installed, it will install SQL 2014 which is good.)

11. Install ACT 2015 SP1 if needed and SP1HF3 if needed. Restart your computer.

12.Open ACT Demo and verify that it opens sucessfully. Set Word as your default Word Processor under Preferences/Communication tab

13. Do a trial mail merge with Demo database (User Name: Chris Huffman, no pw), several times. Note: if you were successful each trial attempt.

14. Open your ACT Database. Run maintenance under Tools/Database Maintenance/Check and Repair. Hopefully, it will be completed successfully.

15. Try a mail merge with this database using any template in the ACT templates that came with the database. Run several times and see if successful.

16. If successful in step 15, then try to run mail merge with customized template if that is what has been failing. Was it successful.


---Report results back to here----



on ‎06-17-2015 08:04 AM

I have the Same issue. After I uninstalled all I could not reinstall ACT. Could not find the download on the ACT website. For version 16. Only the new versions they wanted to sell me.


by Bronze Super Contributor
on ‎06-17-2015 09:28 AM

What version of ACT V16 do you have? Pro or Premium?


Do you have the serial number? if you cannot find the install file youi probably do not have the serial number either.


Did you call customer service? NOT Sales?


ACT V16 is stil supported, you should be able to get install files.


Write back here your results.

by Bronze Elite Contributor
on ‎06-17-2015 11:09 AM