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by Gold Contributor
on ‎12-13-2009 08:23 AM


I totally agree, user specific layouts would be a great idea, but I see this as one aspect of the whole "security" function in ACT! Administrators should have an easy way (e.g. via a "Security" tab in Preferences) to restrict who can see and do things in ACT! from one place. Part of this is just to control the functionality available to a user but the other area is to prevent users from stealing data by restricting access to Tabs, Reports, Exports and Printing functions etc within ACT! as required.



by Nickel Contributor
on ‎12-16-2009 02:00 AM

Jeff - good points, as always.


I see this security functionality being set at the time of defining the user, in  a similar wat to "Add Permissions" is at the moment for Export to Excel, Delete Records etc etc. 


I would also like to be able to add an advanced query whilst creating a user that defines the contacts, groups, companies etc. they see and / or can edit. 


This way, if you have a networked team sharing a database you can limit Northern prospects to the Northern Sales Manager and Southern contacts to the Southern Sales Manager. The Sales Director gets to see both. 


As I am typing this I am thinking I will add this as a further idea on this forum.