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on ‎06-26-2011 05:27 AM

HI Marjorie,  


Endorse your ideas.


There are some features and functionality missing in the current Layout Designer. Your comment re ability to set defaults is valid although it is one where I would want to be able to choose which fields I want to modify to a default set I have created.  Would not want, for instance to have all field sizes the same , nor necessarily same width.


One of the frustrations I have with current Layout Designer is the inability to modify the toolbars to change /add a particular alignment icon.  I use the align middles option frequently where a table or set of similar fields need to be created .  I  would like to have the Align Middle Icon available on the Tool Bar rather than having to access through the menu option each time.


Often attempts to resize the heights / widths of a set of fields are frustrated by the system deciding what size it will be  rather than using the starting field size when selecting and highlighting a group of fields to change. Would be great to set the sizes and have them apply across a group of fields.