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by Bronze Super Contributor
on ‎10-03-2014 06:22 AM


Most of the features you are looking for are already in Impact Suite and more specifically Task List Plus Module


“I would like the date it was originally created to be recorded and visible.”

Act does stamp the originally scheduled date in a field named OriginalTime but it is not exposed in the interface. Using Impact Suite you can expose that field on the task list or create reports using it.

To add to the task list view:

1. Install Impact Suite then go to the Task List View

2. Click on the COLUMN button on the top toolbar

3. From the list on the left add OriginalTime to the list on the right

4. Click OK


“Include a Days Open field to make it visible how long a task has been in the system.”

Using Impact we have an option for displaying the age of any date field:

Follow these steps

  1. Right click on the column header
  2. In the popup menu select ‘Edit Column’
  3. In the FORMATTING section use the “Date Type” drop down to select age
  4. Click OK

One of the cool features is due to this aging option. Sometime the users want both the OriginalTime field and an aged field based on OriginalTime. To do simply add the OriginalTime as above then right click on the column header and select "Duplicate Column" from the popup menu. Now you can have both the date and the age for the OriginalTime field.



“Include a Days to Completion field which reports the number of days between the start of a (rescheduled) task and the completion of that task.”

We can do this on a report but not in Impact at this time. I will look to add this feature for the next version!


“Provide editable fields within the Schedule Activity window, so if you want to add "mileage", "Travel Cost" or other information, you can.”

This is available in Impact Suite. We also have the ability for math calculations of any activity field.

TO turn on this enhancement:

1) Go to the TOOLS menu and select IMPACT SUITE

2) Click on the ACTIVITIES tab

3) Place a check mark in the type of activity you want enhanced

4) Use the "EDIT TO-DO" button on the right side to open the layout designer

Note: There are predesigned 'edit activity' layouts which will be used by default. 


“Allow the merging of other fields from Contact, Company or Opportunity records, for example Address details or ID/Status.”

Impact’s document engine allows for any field from attached top level entity such as Contacts. Companies. Groups and/or opportunities. It also allows users to add one-to-many records for each opportunity such as “Parts installed”

Our document engine can convert the Word template to PDF, attached the PDF to an email, merge the email body using a second template then send the email to the attached contacts all with one button click. If you highlight multiple rows from the task list Impact could send hundreds of email using one button click!



“Redesign the user interface of the Schedule Activity window  so that most of the information is on a single page, not four tabs. (Why is Details on a separate tab?)”

Impact suite allows the complete customization of the ‘Edit Activity’ form. You can have a different layout for each type of activity even customs.


“Allow picture fields, so that you can have a picture of the person you are meeting in your task list if so desired.”

Impact suite allows the users to add ANY field from the tack table such as OriginalTime and ANY field from the contact table including picture fields.


“Activity Types to be displayed as WORDS, not icons in the Activity Tab and Task List for ease of sorting in Excel.”

Impact suite display words rather than icons. It has been this way for the last 5 years.


“Export to Excel should be available in the Activity Tabs (eg in Contact records) not just in Task list.“

All the features in the master task list view are available on the tabbed views including export to excel.



Hope this helps.

-- Jim Durkin