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on ‎07-22-2009 03:47 PM

Thanks for this input - We're looking at further Outlook integration as a feature enhancement so your experience here has been helpful in bringing out some of the short coming of the current feature. 


Also, valuable feedback on a hard copy succinct call list for the day.  We've recently conducted some customer research that really brought home how people continue to use hard copy and printed materials in support of their business day.  Sometimes it's easy to mistakenly assume all of our customers are technology loving paper haters but that's not the case at all!    


Please keep up the great feedback.

on ‎03-02-2010 03:23 PM
as to the "technology loving paper haters" that is me. SO ACT! should be able to autofill the details/ location with the contact info for the client. I make all appoinemtnts with clients via ACT! then sync with outlook>then my blackberry. I have to manually, which is silly because I have already typed in theinfo to the forms on the contacts page, to the details tab so that I can call, email or plug their address in to my GPS. How easy it would be if either in the location or the details tab ACT! autofilled the contact info so that I can Manage my Customer Relationships easily and effeciently.