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on ‎09-11-2019 01:29 AM

hey have you tried the list sync function? it may help


open campaign in drip marketing

in actions drop down list top right hand corner select "campaign list Sync"

turn function on and select frequency and time to sync 


this may help


I've had major problems pausing campaigns I have weekly emails which I pause before they end and add extra emails then restart but they fail to send to full list really frustrating. started these emails in July and ive already hit 5 campaigns.


so could have something to do with pausing campaigns.


Another tip is the US training is more advanced I have jumped on a couple and got more support on advanced features


the go kart guy

on ‎09-23-2019 07:16 AM

It turned out that my access to campaign list synch had been removed. ACT! have added it back in so drip marketing campaigns of one email only will now add new people to the campaign and email them. What you can't do though is set up a drip marketing campaign that has a series of emails and then amend one of the emails still to go out. It seems to only send the amended email to people who were members of the campaign before the email was amended. All the multi email campaigns I set up at the start of the year have had to be binned.

on ‎09-23-2019 07:51 AM

I had a similar issue but as I understand


1. list sync does not work for campaigns which have specific date and time emails - Bug

2. once activated you can not add emails to a campaign but I do believe you can modify an email if it was in the campaign before you activated it the first time - I have not tried this yet but plan to do so soon

by Nickel Super Contributor
on ‎10-17-2019 10:32 AM

1. You can use list sync and it does work for campaigns which have specific date and time emails, but they won't get past the first step if that release date is in the past.  This is functioning as designed, not a bug.  There's another story here where we could indicate in the campaign that there are emails/contacts that will not send because the next execution is in the past, though.  Thoughts?


2. Yeah, you would have to pause the campaign in order to add any emails, but if someone has passed that stage of the workflow they may not receive the additional email.  Editing emails are live, though.  I can test further but the intention is that when a contact reaches that step in the workflow is when it will send an email, ergo changes made before they hit that step should be applied to that step.


Back to the original request - Certain levels of AMA have automatic list sync, which will check the group for new members.  The Go Kart Guy is correct that the only other option is to use campaign/manual list sync to accomplish this task.

on ‎10-20-2019 04:56 AM

My account had been downgraded so I no longer had campaign synch. That's been sorted now so new people get added to the campaign.