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Hyperlink Referred By

Status: Available in ACT! 2010
by on ‎08-02-2012 07:54 AM

I do use the "referred by" field as much as possible.  I would like to have the option to be able to hyperlink to another name in the db in much the same way we create a hyperlink in Word or Outlook.  For example, July 2012 Golf Event Chris Holman where Chris Holman would be hyperlinked.

Status: Available in ACT! 2010

This linked contact functionality is provided with relationships. 

on ‎08-02-2012 09:53 AM

Have you tried using the Relationships tab?


Mike Lazarus
ACT! Evangelist
GL Computing, Australia

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‎08-21-2012 02:42 PM - edited ‎08-21-2012 02:42 PM
Status changed to: Available in ACT! 2010

This linked contact functionality is provided with relationships. 

by Bronze Elite Contributor
on ‎09-24-2012 05:09 PM

As Mike suggests - the Relationships feature needs to be more fully developed.


In this case - we need to be able to find all contacts where that referral contact is located.  Still can't do that in ACT! 2013.  There are still more ways the relationships tab could be improved but I consider that a digression from the original request - not a solution.


The Referred By field really does need to be a hyperlink to another contact!

on ‎07-09-2015 07:04 AM

I'm back asking for consideration again.


I use the relationship's tab to relate vendors to my customers, to relate my internal specialists to their subject matter, etc.


However, I added a new field a couple of years ago called "reports to".  When talking to a customer, I would then have the ability to quickly hyperlink to the manager's profile and back again. 


Consider it this way, a hyperlinked field is time sensitive (immediate) - relationship tab is not time sensitive (research or reference).



by Silver Super Contributor
on ‎07-09-2015 08:11 AM

I could create a hyperlink field for you that would do what you need.  I can see the value in it.  Contact me off line if you'd like to discuss.