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on ‎12-20-2010 10:34 PM

I see this whole issue from a totally different angle.

My angle is that of a total novice. Last time I used Act was about v. 6 and remember nothing.

As such I have been tinkering with ACT for about 4 days, and I am totally overwhelmed by the amount of bugs and "issues".

Search is hopelessly lacking, and it was not particularly encouraging, that the fact that a picture related (fatal) problem is described in the forum 9 months earlier with not a single response. (And it is not rocket science to be able to add, or properly print a picture or keep their sizes - apparently resolution/size handling is totally messed up. Occasionall I can not close a window only if I nuke the program. The list goes on (from 4 days of experience) and it would have been EXTREMELY HELPFUL  if the above suggestion by jpenny were followed.

In a perfectly organized environment there would be limited use for such. But when a help system is so utterly bad, then it can not be fixed fast, and this solution would present a shortcut with imminent results.

And also it would be nice if good suggestions like this could be somehow dropped on the Sage's doorstep where they would explode with a tremendous bang and displaying this message. Or some similar attention grabber so that not only users would read it. As dispair seems to be distributed unevenly...

on ‎02-17-2011 09:39 AM

GREAT IDEA!!  I have been an ACT! user for 14 years.  I typically wait about 4 months after a new version has been out to install due to the number of bugs - my way of hoping they've been discovered by others.  Even still, rarely do I emerge unscathed.  It would be EXTREMELY helpful for ACT! to notify users when a bug is discovered, even if a fix is not available yet.  A specific area to go to for current revision problem descriptions would work too, one that isn't jumbled in with the 'knowledge base' that you have to hunt for.  It should include information as to status of fix (sorry, you'll have to live with it awhile; we know and have given it high priority but don't have a fix yet; we know and here's an update...  )  As is, I have to call support, wait on hold, go through a number of steps (more or less depending on who answers)... you know the drill. 


Go for it!!  Soon!