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by Bronze Elite Contributor
on ‎10-23-2012 02:16 AM

Hi Evelyn, thank you for contributing your suggestions to improve ACT!


I agree that adding a bullet point and/or auto numbering feature would make lists easier to create and manage, so I have given my Kudo to your post.


I don't work for Sage, but I am one of ACT!'s longest-serving Certified Consultant and Premier Trainer.


There is a free and very easy product you should try called "PureText"  which strips away all the text formatting when you need to paste text, the whole text, and nothing but the text.  We recommend this in our ACT! Toolkit and during training classes since it allows straight text to be pasted into notes/history comments directly from the web or email sources that would otherwise arrive in a myriad of source formatting.


A quick Google search and you should be able to find it.



by Bronze Super Contributor
on ‎10-23-2012 08:16 PM

Yup, I'd like to see numbered lists and the ability to indent them.


1. item one

   1.1 item one point one

2. item two

3. item three

   3.1 item three point one

   3.2 item three point two

      3.2.1item three point two point one

4. item four


I use autohotkey, and there is an autohotkey script that'll paste plaintext only. See for more info.