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on ‎08-14-2009 10:13 AM

Great request.  Are you thinking that the subgroups would inherit and be limited to the contacts in the parent group?  Currently there is no heirarchy at the criteria level.  Sub-groups are more like a heirarchical organization of contacts based on user defined criteria.  ACT! does not enforce any rules within the heirarchy other than access such as public or private.


Vineet Singla


on ‎08-18-2009 06:57 PM

Hi Vineet,

I would think that there be 2 options.


1. Inherited subgroup which dynamically gets all contacts from the previous group. (weather they are manuall add ins or dynamic themselves)


I would think that if you created several inherited sub leves that changes at the top end filter all the way down the line of inherited subgroups.


The important thing is that it is dynamic so that contact changes in the parent level automatically change the data in inherited subgroups.




2. A static subgroup which behaves the way ACT already does




on ‎10-09-2014 10:55 AM

Has anything been done on this?


I have a situation where I have a group that has everyone I want to send 2015 calendars to.  I created a custom field called GotCalendar of True False type.  I want to create a sub group with a dynamic group membership of all the records in the parent group where GotCalendar = False. 


Has the group/subgroup inheritance been implemented?  I am using Sage ACT! Pro 2013 Version


Thanks in advance!